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Peter Mercoulia (Jnr) Interview

We talk with Peter Mercoulia (Jnr) who, along with his Brother and Cousin are taking over the reins of the succesful tier 3 commercial builder, Merkon Construction.

Originally founded by Peter Mercoulia (Snr) and Jim Mercoulia – the brothers who founded the business 35 years ago, the ‘new generation’ of the family are redefining a succesful Melbourne builder and refining the organisation to meet the constant evolution required in Melbourne’s Commercial Construction industry.

In amongst this podcast we discuss:

  • The history and background to Merkon Constructions
  • Trying to control all the constant changes within the industry
  • Taking fulfilment from the building industry
  • Why change is important – “if it ain’t broken, it can still be improved”
  • The merits of a 5-day work week
  • The benefits of bringing in transferable skills from outside construction, into a construction business